The 818 Market Custodian will:

  • Maintain the general cleanliness and tidiness of the entire 818 Market building, from top to bottom.
  • Ensure that all retail areas of the store remain cleaned and ready to receive guests at all times.
  • Develop processes and procedures whereby all areas of 818 Market have defined and tracked cleaning schedules, that all items and supplies have assigned areas in which they are to be kept, and that they are kept there.
  • Ensure that all items needed for the regular operation of 818 Market (hand sanitizer, receipt paper, a fresh supply of mops, etc) are in regular supply and available for operations.
  • Ensure that all dishes and cooking instruments from the cheese, deli, and entire downstairs grocery areas are collected, taken upstairs and introduced into the dishwashing process, or washed and returned when no dishwasher is on staff in the restaurant.
  • Clean all spills and messes in the building.
  • Coordinate with executive chef, BOH, and kitchen staff to ensure a clean and safe kitchen. Help set daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedules including hoods, vents, and ducts.
  • Clean and maintain the front and back lots and parking areas of 818 Market and our parking lots
  • Help any guest who needs help, in any way, with the professionalism and courtesy necessary to deliver the best food retail experience in Baltimore - every time. Get them baskets when hands are full, help them to their cars, tell them about the great food in the restaurant - be our brand ambassador throughout the building and space.
  • Support all 818 team members as they strive to give our guests the perfect experience every time. 
  • Ensure spaces are prepared for the next day by taking out trash, tidying furniture and dusting surfaces 
  • Sweep and mop floors and vacuum carpets
  • Wash and sanitize toilets, sinks and showers and restock disposables (e.g. soap)
  • Wipe mirrors and windows
  • Maintain outer premises by watering plants, mowing lawn, cleaning entrances
  • Utilize insecticides to prevent infestation by dangerous pests
  • Perform maintenance and minor repairs (replacing broken switches, fixing door handles, minor leaks etc.)
  • Report major damages and oversee repairs
  • Secure facilities after operating hours by locking doors, closing windows and setting up the alarm
  • Undertake occasional custodial and janitorial tasks (shoveling snow from the sidewalk, lifting heavy items, moving chairs etc.)
  • Other roles and responsibilities as assigned by the owners, the executive chef, the grocery manager, or other members of the management team of 818 market      


  • Proven experience as custodian, janitor or in a similar role
  • Knowledge of use and maintenance of industrial cleaning equipment and appliances
  • Knowledge of safe disposal of chemical liquids and other hazardous components
  • Familiarity with basic landscaping and handyman practices preferred
  • Attention to detail and conscientiousness
  • Very good physical condition and strength


  • Must be vaccinated against COVID-19
  • High school diploma is preferred but not required

Job Overview