This employee is responsible for maintaining the front-end of the store. This employee is the front lines of our company and is expected to act with courtesy and professionalism at all times. This employee is also responsible for overseeing store cashiers and delegating tasks to cashiers. Customer Service representatives will be expected to answer the telephone during business hours, assist customers and investigate and address customer complaints and concerns as needed.


· Provides a high level of prompt and friendly and professional customer service

· Greets and thanks customers

· Maintains a positive work environment with fellow employees throughout the store

· Scans orders accurately and efficiently; properly identifies produce items, taxable and non-taxable items

· Memorizes produce PLU codes and keeps up to date with new produce

· Keeps up to date with new items and item locations and displays throughout the store

· Correctly identifies items that do not scan and reports them properly to management

· Bags customer groceries and takes them to customers’ cars if necessary (or properly asks for assistance)

· Collects carts from the lot and surrounding areas if needed and returns them to their proper place

· Collects shopping hand baskets and returns them to their proper place

· Ensures empty carts and hand baskets are kept clear from clutter and are clean

· Counts register-till prior to each shift and ensures security and accuracy of drawer at all times

· Accurately handles customer cash, credit/debit payments, WIC, EFS, EBT, checks, gift cards and change

· Monitors all cashiers, allotting break and lunch times as necessary

· Maintains cash-office and safe

· Is responsible for counting cashier drawers and making cashiers aware of discrepancies

· Is responsible for NYS lottery procedures, handling and reporting

· Follows all front end procedures

· Maintains knowledge of weekly ad items; gives customers direction of product location throughout the stores

· Assists customers by providing information, showing a customer where product is located, listening to comments and concerns and responding with professionalism

· Communicates customer requests to management

· Assists with stocking shelves, facing shelves, dusting, maintaining employee break-room, maintaining employee and customer restrooms, sweeping and other assigned duties as needed

· Ensures that checkout areas are properly maintained in a clean and orderly condition at all times

· Expected to be familiar with the entire store and it’s layout to ensure top customer service

· Expected to assist other departments as needed

· Expected to monitor cleanliness and safety throughout the entire store

· Assists customers by providing information and resolving their complaints/concerns

· Answers telephone courteously and directs calls to appropriate staff members

· Is familiar with company events and seminars

· Maintains excellent communication with managers, staff and owners

· Communicates customer requests to management/ownership

· Other related duties as assigned



· Requires strong attention to detail

· Proficiency in cash handling and mathematical skills

· Ability to read, write and count

· Excellent communication skills in order to ensure excellent customer service

· Outgoing, friendly, neat and professional

· Able to provide and receive constructive feedback

· Reliable and dependable; able to work flexible schedule

· Ability to interact effectively at all levels and across diverse cultures.

· Ability to solve practical problems

· Ability to perform repetitious activities; manual dexterity to scan and/or key groceries

· Ability to operate front-end equipment; including, but not limited to: computer, cash register,

calculator, and scanner


· High school diploma or equivalent

· 1-2 years experience working in a grocery retail setting preferred


  • TBD per position


  • Requires standing, walking, bending, and/or climbing throughout the entire workday
  • Repetitive arm and hand movements; bending, carrying, and lifting
  • Requires transferring product either horizontally or vertically of up to 30 pounds
  • Weekend, evening, and holiday work will be required; flexible store assignments and hours

Job Overview