A. General
1. Observe all store rules and company policies;
2. Maintain a neat, well-groomed personal appearance at all times and observe company dress 
3. Observe shift operating hours at all times as scheduled or assigned by store director;
4. Adhere to all local, state and federal health and civil code regulations;
5. Ensure compliance with all state, county and local weights and measures laws and labeling 
6. Must be thoroughly familiar with all products carried in the department including being fully 
knowledgeable in the differences (in price, taste, preparation or use) between the many 
varieties and types of produce in every family group (e.g., apples, squashes, etc.);
7. Able to fully and efficiently perform all of the duties and job functions of an experienced 
Produce Clerk (see corresponding position description);
8. Work out a department merchandising plan with the store director and establish goals;
9. Follow approved procedures for receiving product, price marking and restocking cases to 
ensure quality protection, public image, accuracy and product rotation;
10. Check and verify produce department receiving to ensure that items listed on vendor invoices 
are all delivered; check products for quality, count or weight, and condition;
11. Take products to produce preparation or storage area including refrigerated storage boxes;
12. Control department expenses and utilize energy conservation practices;
13. Order and maintain inventory control to ensure freshness, product quality and turnover for 
maximum sales and return-on-investment;
14. Handle damaged and spoiled products according to company policy and assist in controlling 
the level of damaged goods;
15. Comply with safety policies and procedures and ensure that all department personnel do also; 
participate in store’s Safety Committee;
16. Responsible for ensuring that all department personnel are trained in the store’s method of 
performing department activities and functions;
17. Maintain good communications in the store and throughout the organization;
18. Control excessive use of utilities and water and observe sound conservation practices;
19. Perform other duties and assignments as directed;
Greet all customers and provide them with prompt and courteous service or assistance.

Job Overview